Shaquanta and Ques New Year's Eve Wedding



I had the opportunity to photograph Shaquanta and Ques on New Year's Eve 2016. It was a beautiful evening to capture some precious memories. Love was definitely in the air! Shaquanta was nice enough to share part of their experience. Let's take a stroll back down memory lane...

...Was it Love at first sight? No, not merely. First time they ever saw each other was in high school(Ouachita 2005 to be exact). We were both in the office because we were late for school. He asked me for my phone number and we talked as friends but never actually dated back. Weird huh? But as fate has it... 4 years later we linked back together on social media. Ques sent a message to me, and we connected again, but this time was different. We both saw and felt things differently. A few short months after that we started dating. We dated several years before he.... Well You know...

New Year's Eve 2015 is when all of the magic happened. Ques told me that our families were getting together to pop fireworks and hang out before church. He planned this huge firework show that was so pretty! As the smoke filled the air from all the fireworks, he dropped down on one knee as asked me to be his wife! It was soooo amazing! Fast forward a year to this point, we were blessed to experience the same joy and excitement again on our New Year's Eve wedding day!

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